Tyre recycling

Recycling of any type of used tyre

Who we are


RETIRE ABEE is a model company in recycling all kinds of used tyres with European standards. It was established in 2007. The company recycles tyres and converts them into other kinds of material.

In possession of highly modern machinery of German technology, the company produces products of high quality rubber granulates and rubber powder, with a production capacity of 24.000 tn yearly. It is the only company in Greece with a separate powder production line below 0,4 mm.

The operating system of RETIRE ABEE is dynamic and reliable, capable of producing quality products fast and effectively in order to meet the market needs, protecting at the same time the environment.

Company - Facilities

RETIRE ABEE is located on a private land area of 8.000 s.m. within the Industrial Zone of Drama, in a newly erected industrial building of 2.500 s.m., equipped with the most advanced machinery in recycling used tyres, provided by the German company AMANDUS KAHL GmbH & CO.KG. t is the most advanced and integrated plant for cutting and granulating of used tyres in Greece.


The production plant of RETIRE ABEE is fully automated and is equipped with state-of-the art machinery of the German companyAMANDUS KAHL GmbH & CO.KG., which is guarantee in its field. During processing, the tyres are mechanically granulated, removing all metal and synthetic fibres, as well as any other foreign part contained in there, so as to produce a 99,99% clear rubber. This is how the end-products are produced, namely rubber granulates of almost absolute purity, clear of fibres and metals.

Specifically, rubber granules (SBR) can be used in a variety of constructions such as:

  • Construction of rubber flooring, rubber matting
  • Construction of playgrounds (rubber matting-rubber tiles), sport facilities, football courts, 5 x 5 courts, race courses, tartans
  • Construction of roadways where rubber powder (SBR)can be mixed with other components to create a substrate
  • For sound insulating properties (sound reduction)
  • Construction of barriers for the rivers

By-products resulting from such process are scrap steel and recycled textile. RETIRE ABEE is the only tyre recycling company with a separate production line of powder with a size below 0,5 mm. The machinery processes and produces end-products of maximum purity (99,99%), utilizing the most advanced ventilation filters in order to have uniform and fully marketable end-products.